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Leonardo DiCaprio and the reason that almost left him out of Titanic

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Lisa Harris
Lisa Harris
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‘Leo’ was already a teen idol after having starred in acclaimed titles such as Who does Gilbert Grape love?, diary of a rebeleo Romeo and Juliet. Due to the fame that he already enjoyed at that time, the Californian had an attitude that almost cost him the role that would catapult him around the world.

“There was a meeting with Leo, and then there was a screen test,” Cameron recalled in an interview for GQ: “The meeting was funny because I was sitting in my conference room, waiting to meet an actor. I looked around. and all the women in the office were in the meeting for some reason. There was an executive producer, yeah, okay, but our accountants? They all wanted to meet Leo. It was crazy.”

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Although Cameron wanted DiCaprio for the role, he needed to make sure the actor had chemistry with Winslet. DiCaprio, however, thought that in that meeting he would meet his co-star and did not imagine that the director would ask him to audition.

As Cameron recalls, the actor told him: “I don’t read”, to which the filmmaker responded by shaking his hand and saying goodbye: “Well, thanks for coming”. Just then, the Californian replied: “Wait, wait. If I don’t read, I don’t get the part. Is that so?”

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Cameron explained to the star how much that project meant to him, stating that titanic it was “a huge movie that’s going to take two years off my life”: “You’ll be doing five more things while I’m in post-production. So I’m not going to screw it up by making the wrong casting decision. You’re going to read, or you won’t get the role.”

Ultimately, the actor agreed to a screen test that confirmed to the filmmaker that he had found Jack: “Every iota of him was totally negative until I said ‘Action’ and he became Jack. Kate lit up and he played the scene The black clouds parted, and the sunbeams came down and hit Jack. I thought, ‘Okay, he’s our man.’

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