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New Super Mario Bros. Trailer Features Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach

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This breakthrough has dozens of references for video game fans. from the classic arcade level where Mario fights Donkey Kong, until Mario Kart (currently the best-selling game of nintendoswitch) and the track of Rainbow Road.

Already in the first trailer, we saw Bowser leading an invasion on a kingdom of penguins to obtain the stars nowl plumber falling to the Mushroom Kingdom through one of his classic pipes. Charles Martinet, who put it Mario’s voice in most video gameswill be in “amazing cameos”.

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super mario bros movie

nintendo lighting

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The animated movie is Produced jointly by Nintendo and Illumination, the house that created Despicable Me and the Minions. Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario, closely followed the production of the film.

This same year, Nintendo acquired animated film production company Dinamy Pictures and renamed it “Nintendo Pictures”. With this announcement, fans should keep an eye out for other movies based on his characters like Zelda, Donkey Kong, or Kirby.

super mario bros movie poster (girl)

Official poster of the Mario movie.

Official poster of the Mario movie.

nintendo pictures

The rest of the gaming industry also puts its mark on movies and series. After Detective Pikachu, Sonic, Mortal Kombat, Halo and Uncharted, productions of Last of Us for HBO, God of War for Amazon, Assasin’s Creed on Netflix, and a Ghost of Tsushima movie.

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