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Actor: Fee on Schweighöfer: “We learned a lot from each other”

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Ruby O. Fee talks about her happy relationship with Matthias Schweighöfer. She says she feels at home with him.

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Actress Ruby O. Fee (26) does not take a good relationship for granted. “Of course there is nothing in life for free. There is a lot of work in every relationship,” said Fee, who is in a relationship with Matthias Schweighöfer (41), the magazine “Bunte”. “But it’s really nice with Matthias, because we both learned a lot from each other, so we’ve grown even closer together.”

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She found her home in Schweighöfer, explained Fee, who played in “Bibi & Tina” or Udo Lindenberg’s biopic “Lindenberg! Do your thing”. “It feels like coming home. It involves complete trust and letting go.”

The couple went public with their relationship in February 2019. A wedding is currently not in the room, stressed Fee. “Right now we don’t have much time to plan a wedding.”

Source: Stern

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