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Kanye West: “i like hitler” – Rapper praises the dictator

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Kanye West has spoken favorably about Adolf Hitler. He see too “good things” to the dictator, he said in a conversation with conspiracy ideologist Alex Jones.

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In an interview with conspiracy ideologist Alex Jones, Kanye West expressed sympathy for Adolf Hitler.

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The rapper, who now calls himself Ye, said in the interview that he “good things about Hitler” see. Several excerpts (like and ) from the conversation, which was reported by several US media, circulated on the short message service Twitter.

According to West, every person has something valuable about them, and in his eyes the dictator is also part of it. “Well, I also see good things in Hitler”said West, who on the one hand praised the supposed achievements of the dictator and on the other hand spread conspiracy tales about Jews.

Kanye West: “i like hitler”

“This man (Hitler) invented autobahns, invented the microphone I use as a musician”West was quoted by and “you can’t say out loud that this person has ever done any good, and I’m done with that.”

When presenter Alex Jones said shortly before his show’s commercial break that he didn’t like Nazis, West interjected: “i like hitler” After the break, West said: “We have to stop constantly dissing the Nazis.”

The rapper repeatedly causes horror with anti-Semitic statements. The sporting goods manufacturer Adidas therefore ended its collaboration with the musician (). Most recently, he irritated with a joint dinner with former US President Donald Trump, which also included far-right nationalist Nick Fuentes.

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