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Nick Carter in court?: Sexual assault lawsuit filed

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Did Nick Carter abuse a woman on the Backstreet Boys tour bus more than 20 years ago? A corresponding lawsuit has now been filed.

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Nick Carter (42), the singer of the legendary boy band Backstreet Boys, has to deal with a lawsuit alleging sexual assault. The alleged victim, citing court records, claims Carter coerced him into submission in 2001 with alcohol and then pressured him into sexual activity. At that time the woman was 17 years old.

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The incident is said to have taken place on the Backstreet Boys tour bus in the city of Tacoma, Washington. Carter allegedly threatened the plaintiff, who suffers from autism and cerebral palsy, after the sexual acts and verbally abused her. In the brief, the plaintiff is now claiming damages for an HP virus infection transmitted by Carter. A source close to Carter told TMZ: The allegations are categorically false.

Nick Carter’s lawyer massively rejects allegations

Nick Carter’s lawyer, Michael Holtz, also issued a statement on the allegations: “This allegation about an incident that allegedly took place more than 20 years ago is not only legally unfounded, but also completely untrue.” The plaintiff had been manipulated for years into making false claims about his client.

These allegations have changed over time. Nobody should be fooled by a “staged press stunt”: “There is absolutely nothing to this claim, and we have no doubt that the courts will recognize that quickly.”

Source: Stern

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