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Celebrity poll: What the stars want for 2023

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Health for the family and peace – that’s what the stars want for 2023, as a celebrity survey by spot on news shows.

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2023 is here, 2022 is history. But what can people expect in the new year? A celebrity survey by spot on news shows what the stars want at the turn of the year.

Finally peace

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Moderator Rudi Cerne (64): “The greatest wish is that this terrible war in Ukraine comes to an end and that we stay healthy. A journalist friend of mine said to me: If you’re healthy, you have many wishes, if you’re sick are, only one.”

Model Alena Gerber (33): “That the world will be more harmonious, fearless and safer again.”

Moderator Jana Ina Zarrella (46): “A world in which children don’t have to think about the pandemic or war – that’s all I wish for.”

Actress Natalia Avelon (42): “I wish for peace this year because of the current situation and that we can help as many children as possible through the work of the Ark, for which I am an ambassador. I also wish for health for my loved ones and that my professional dreams and goals will come true in 2023.”

health and luck

Actor Tom Beck (44): “That may sound too banal and unexcited, but I wish that my family stays healthy and that everyone is happy in what they do – whatever that may be.”

Singer Angelo Kelly (41): “I wish that all my children, my wife, that they all stay healthy. And while we’re at it – that I stay healthy too and that we remain a strong family. That we all support each other, help each other, be loving with each other. I wish that all my children continue to develop so well and pursue their passions. And I wish that we will get more normality in the next year 2023. That we will not experience such crazy times again like 2020/2021. I wish for us, for everyone, a hopefully relatively normal year.”

Designer Natascha Ochsenknecht (58): “Of course, that all my loved ones are healthy and happy and that it will continue to be just as exciting and varied. The second season of our series ‘Dies Ochsenknechts’ will start in spring – I’m particularly looking forward to that.”

Talk to each other

Actor Wayne Carpendale (45): “After building the house in the last 18 months, there are definitely many days when there aren’t 150 to-dos and every day is full of decisions about colors, materials and other structural things. A really big one In any case, it would be desirable for us all to talk to each other more again without pushing each other into a corner and pointing the finger at others.”

Moderator Annemarie Carpendale (45): “A lot of quality time as a family, more time for our Ukrainian foster children and our hand2hold initiative. And hopefully a little more peace in the world again. That moves us a lot. Since the pandemic, some things have been developing I think it’s the wrong direction: a ban on abortion in America, a ban on sex outside of marriage in Indonesia, a World Cup in Qatar… Freedom is our greatest asset and that’s what I wish so much, especially for the people in Iran and all over the world.”

Actor Kai Schumann (46): “An idea how we can get out of the compulsion of permanent economic growth. And peace for all beings on this earth.”

Source: Stern

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