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The Bunnymen, with unpublished

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The best band from Liverpool after the Beatles, the Bunnymen, had and still has its twists and turns, both due to their fights between singer Ian McCulloch and guitarist Will Sergeant and their personal experiments, which often worked well for their fans. more staunch but not for the general public. Precisely, in that context of the late ’90s in which British bands like Oasis and Blur dominated international rock, the Bunnymen released an album designed to be massive, and they almost succeeded, since the formidable “Evergreen” is usually considered the last great work of one of the essential bands of the English scene. This deluxe edition is a double album with the original disc plus some previously unreleased B-sides that sound good, like “Watchtower” and a second live album on the BBC in 1997 that has never been heard before and is quite a surprise as it also In addition to featuring songs from “Evergreen”, for example “Baseball Bill”, “Altamont” and “I’ll Fly Tonight” played for that new album, it also includes original versions with creative arrangements of some of the band’s hits, such as “ Rescue”, “Lips Like Sugar” and “The Killing Moon”, all with top-notch sound.

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