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Benedict XVI: Those were the last words of the ex-Pope

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The Vatican has released the last words that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. spoke before his death.

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The Vatican has the last words of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who died on New Year’s Eve. (1927-2022) published. “Lord, I love you,” he said. Joseph Ratzinger, like Benedict XVI. whose real name was, had spoken these words around 3 a.m. on December 31. At 9.34 a.m. the Pope, who was in office from 2005 to 2013, died.

Only one nurse was with him

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As Pope Benedict XVI. spoke his last words, only one nurse is said to have been present. In Italian he said “Signore ti amo”. He spoke “with a thin voice, but clearly perceptible,” said Georg Gänswein (66), Benedikt’s private secretary. The nurse informed Gänswein. “They were his last understandable words because after that he was no longer able to express himself,” said the private secretary.

Joseph Ratzinger was elected head of the Roman Catholic Church in 2005, succeeding John Paul II (1920-2005), who had died in office. In 2013 he became the first pope to resign voluntarily since 1294 and has since lived in seclusion in a monastery.

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