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Big Brother: Coti became the new eliminated

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Finally, Coti and Ariel faced the public’s decision and the 20-year-old from Corrientes was left out of the contest.

Constanza was considered for a long time one of the best reality show strategists, since in addition to “playing well” she was capable of lying in front of her opponents without anyone being able to suspect anything.

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But at one point her game was betrayed by a shout from outside that confirmed to the rest of her classmates that she had been the author of the spontaneous nomination addressed to two of her “friends”, Julieta and Danielawhich led the latter to leave the house.

This was taken as a betrayal within the house and led to a heated discussion between her, Romina and Julieta, which resulted in living together never being the same again.

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Added to this was the fact that in recent days several participants had re-entered the house, including Daniela, and this made her game feel even more threatened.

She had recently expressed in the confessional that she was not sorry for anything since it is a game and she came to play.

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