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Beauty trends 2023: This is how we will do our make-up in the brand new year

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From make-up, eye shadow and lipstick to skin care: When it comes to beauty, 2023 will once again have numerous new products and trends in store.

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New year, new beauty routine: While the motto “less is more” applies to make-up and lips, it can’t be too flashy for blush and eye shadow in 2023. These trends await us in the new year.

Less is more

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The trend towards naturalness will continue in the coming year. When it comes to make-up, the following still applies: less is more. The clean girl look requires well-groomed skin and should above all emphasize our natural appearance. Means: The following applies to foundation, powder and rouge as well as mascara or eyebrow gel: use little product.

Shades of brown for the lips

Glossy lips in opaque shades of brown are hugely popular in the coming year – which is hardly surprising given the first trend. Lipliner and lipstick can be kept in caramel tones, and finally apply a transparent gloss – and our mouths are ready to go.

Half eyeliner

Eyeliner lines will be much shorter in 2023 and will be drawn with the tried and tested Kajal pencil. The liquid liner in black should be banished to the bathroom cabinet for the time being. The kajal is then placed in the middle of the upper lash line and then pulled diagonally upwards. It’s best to keep your eyes open.

In addition, eyelids 2023 are emphasized with eye shadows in pastel colors such as baby blue, light green or lilac.

Lots of pastel shades of blush and eyeshadow

Our apple cheeks will be much more eye-catching next year. When it comes to blush, on the other hand, more is more. Whether brown, red or pink tones – there are no limits when it comes to contouring.

Anti-Aging and Vitamin C

Last but not least, the right care should not be missing: in 2023 we will continue to rely on many anti-aging products. This time, the tone is set by the so-called poly-L-lactic acid, which is mainly injected into the skin, smoothes wrinkles and gives the face new volume. Important: Before you decide on the same treatment, you should seek detailed advice from a specialist.

In terms of complexion, the prickly pear will help us in 2023. Creams and oils supply our skin with plenty of vitamin C, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, and linoleic acid, which stabilizes the structure of the skin and cell membrane.

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