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The must-sees of Bariloche for this summer 2023

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Tour to Puerto Blest and Lago Frías by catamaran


Puerto Blest was the first territory of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. It can be reached from Puerto Pañuelo on a lake excursion that runs through the Blest Arm. On the way, you can see how the ecosystem changes and enter the fresh Valdivian jungle. This is a journey of the mythical Andean Crossing.

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Beach day in the crystalline lakes of the Nahuel Huapi National Park and Kayak


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Between the proximities of the center of Barilochense and the Manso River, are the lakes Nahuel Huapi, Moreno, Gutierrez, Mascardi, Guillelmo, Steffen and Martin. In all of them you can enjoy the marvelous beaches with transparent waters and camp in the authorized properties. In addition, you can go kayaking and have fun getting to know the coasts and depths of the lakes.

3) Go up to a mountain refuge. Among them are the 4 emblematic: Refugio López, Manfredo Segre (Laguna Negra), Frey and General San Martín (Jakob) and those of Cerro Tronador: Rocca, Ilon and Otto Meiling.

Multiple trails lead to the most emblematic refuges of this destination, also known for the famous race of the 4 refuges of the Club Andino Bariloche. These are R. López (Cerro López), R. Frey (Cerro Catedral), R. San Martín (Laguna Jakob) and R. Italia “Manfredo Segre” (Laguna Negra, is Cerro Negro). All of them suitable for medium level walkers.

Cerro Tronador was named after the thunderous sound generated by the landslides of its seven glaciers. At the foot of this hill there are multiple

trails that lead to waterfalls, turquoise lagoons, glaciers and mountain refuges. Among them, Refugio Ilon, R. Otto Meiling and R. Agostino Rocca, on the Paso de las Nubes route.

4) Visit the Arrayanes Forest and Isla Victoria.

This lake tour takes you to see the Quetrihue peninsula, where the Arrayanes Forest is located. Then, we navigate to the Anchorena Port of Victoria Island, while the entire Andes Mountains are observed. Going through its paths you will reach Playa de Toro and you can see the cave paintings made by the original peoples who inhabited the area. There you can spend the day on the volcanic sand beaches and the night in glamping or in the island’s inn, an unforgettable experience.

Horseback riding through forests, marshes and Patagonian steppe.

The experience of riding a horse and contemplating the wooded settings, the flooded marshes and the immense steppe and its peculiar rock formations is one of the most memorable.

Canopy and adventure

For adventurous people and lovers of adrenaline and nature, there are several options. There are canopy circuits to do during the day, and also at night! The canopy offers another way to discover nature, with family or friends: the incredible sensation of flying through the forest, contemplating amazing landscapes that would be impossible to appreciate from the ground. In Bariloche is one of the longest routes in South America, its total is 1500 meters.


The walk, or trekking, can be done through numerous trails in Bariloche. This activity does not require previous experience when it is practiced under the supervision of a high mountain guide, but it does require an acceptable physical level and a good predisposition towards the eventualities that may arise in each expedition.

It is essential to obtain accurate information about the condition of the trails and their different levels of difficulty. In addition, if the tour is within the Nahuel Huapi National Park, it is necessary to register the trekking in advance. There are multiple trail options available for all levels of difficulty. Information can be found at Bariloche Trekking.

Rafting or floating in the rivers


The southern limit of the Nahuel Huapi National Park is marked by the Manso River, where you can go rafting, surrounded by Andean Patagonian forest, and cool off in the pools that form along the way. You can also do floats in the Limay River, crossing the steppe and the surrounding rock formations.

Sailing on a sailboat on the Nahuel Huapi

From Bahía López to the Brazo Tristeza. From the docks towards the Campanario Arm. From Puerto Pañuelo to Victoria Island. Multiple rides to enjoy the lake on a sailboat.

The constant winds of the incomparable Nahuel Huapi make this lake a true paradise for sailors. Exclusive corners that can only be reached by boat, secluded hidden bays and beautiful dream beaches for bathing and relaxing.

small circuit

The most traditional route in Bariloche, which crosses forests, lakes and mountains. Along the way you can make different stops at the San Eduardo Chapel, viewpoints with panoramic views, low difficulty trails, such as the myrtle forest, Cerro Llao Llao or the Brazo Tristeza viewpoint, and beaches to rest, such as Villa Tacul or Bahía The Trunks.

Taste the traditional gastronomy (chocolates, lamb, beers, curanto, trout, smoked foods, red fruits).

The gastronomy of this destination is an experience in itself. The most renowned chefs in the region shine with typical food dishes. The chocolatiers surprise with their sweet art. The master brewers are inspired by Patagonian fruits and landscapes to create new varieties of beers. In Colonia Suiza you can appreciate the ritual of curanto. Creole roasters keep their secrets to make the tastiest lamb.

Take a ride on the Patagonian train and La Trochita.

The Patagonian Train makes a trip between the mountains and the steppe. It is a new must-see to do from Bariloche. Perfect plan to close the day and contemplate the transition between two landscapes at sunset. It starts from the imposing mountain range with its high peaks, lakes and rivers and goes towards the steppe, a completely different landscape where immensity and peace are protagonists. An excursion for the whole family, in which adults and children will be able to discover other Río Negro landscapes and enjoy a Creole barbecue dinner with vegetarian, celiac and vegan options at the Estación Perito Moreno ranch.

La Trochita is a true living and mobile museum, which offers the possibility of being part of history. The first locomotives are centuries old and the old passenger carriages and the dining car rebuilt by the train workers will make this excursion an unforgettable experience. This experience begins at Ingeniero Jacobacci, one of the heads of the complete route of the historic train. Local guides will accompany passengers throughout the journey, approximately 43 km until reaching the Ojos de Agua area. You can tour the small town and enjoy the tranquility of the place. After approximately one hour, the train will depart again to Ing. Jacobacci.

Source: Ambito

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