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Cadet Edgar Allan Poe on an unusual adventure

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It is true, and few take it into account, that Edgar Allan Poe served two years in the Army, reaching the rank of Gunnery Sergeant Major, and then entered the West Point Military Academy as a cadet. It was 1830, he was 21 years old and published poems. Precisely, his third book went to print thanks to a collection from the other cadets, to whom he dedicated the book. In 1831 they fired him for being undisciplined, then he became a journalist and began to write stories. All of that is true. What Louis Bayard’s novel “The Academy Murders” tells is fantasy. In it, a grim event at West Point motivates the presence of a bitter detective, who will soon receive the help of a very imaginative cadet, and it is not necessary to be very imaginative to deduce that this cadet is Poe. There is a Spanish edition of the novel, and now Netflix premieres the film version by Scott Cooper (“Crazy heart”, “Criminal pact”, “Dark spirits” and other songs to life). For that matter, the protagonists are Christian Bale, who already starred for Cooper in the drama “The Law of the Strongest”, and Harry Melling. In the cast, Lucy Boynton and Gillian Anderson and the remarkable Robert Duvall, Timothy Spall, Toby Jones and Charlotte Gainsbourg, which would already justify the vision of the work, in addition to Takayanagi’s photography, the setting and the literary winks (p. For example, the original title, “The Pale Blue Eye”, the pale blue eye, refers to a character from “The Tell-Tale Heart”; the name of the detective refers to “The House of Landor”, etc.). The winter calm, the apparent lack of suspense, the “lightness” of certain scary scenes, can annoy the fast-paced viewer.

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