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“Harry & Meghan”: from fairy tale to boredom

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How to victimize themselves and earn fortunes was the least that was said about a couple who seem to have taken advantage of a paradigm in favor of inclusion, since they constantly emphasize the biracial origin of the “Suits” actress and the known scandals about the grandson Queen Elizabeth’s minor, which ultimately turns the series into a somewhat narcissistic and self-centered postcard of this marriage.

The rebellion of several of the members of the royal family is not new and predates Isabel herself. From the abdication of Edward VIII to marry the divorced Wallis Simpson, which brought George VI to the throne, to Elizabeth’s sister, Margarita, and hers, her failed love affairs with the wrong men who plunged her into her sadness. . And the clearest example of rebellion and scandal came with Lady Di and Carlos.

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It is still interesting to spy on this love story like a fairy tale with an idyllic beginning in which the lovers say they have met on Instagram, plus the evocation of that long-distance relationship during the first months, memories of the friends around those days, the charitable trips and philanthropic interests of each one separately and then together, until the ennui begins for them and for the viewer, with an emphasis on “harassment” and “harassment”.

In Great Britain, their detractors criticized them for victimizing themselves and never endorsed the budget request for the English security forces to have to protect them from the paparazzi. To make matters worse, the economic context in Europe resulting from the war between Russia and Ukraine is not the same as in the years of Diana Spencer, although if something was seen not only here but in “The Crown” it is the questioning of a monarchy that supports their luxurious life at the expense of state economic resources.

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The series shows happy moments of the couple and also with their children, the first meeting between Meghan and the royal family, an excessive detail of Clarke’s family, the countdown to the wedding, the bond in a friendly beginning between Harry and his brother Guillermo and the gradual descent into hell. Harry maintained that the royal family happily lied to protect his brother and instead were never willing to do so with them, which resulted in the couple relinquishing their royal duties: “They weren’t throwing me to the wolves, they were feeding him eat the wolves,” Clarke said.

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