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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Netflix confirmed the second season of “Merlina”

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“It has been incredible to create a series that was able to connect with people from all over the world. We’re very excited to continue Merlina’s winding journey into season two; we want to take that dive in another season to explore the weird and scary world of Nunca Más. We just have to make sure that Merlina hasn’t emptied the pool before.”

Merlina, an MGM Television production, continues to have a cultural impact on the entertainment, internet, music, fashion and beauty industries.

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Merlina _ Season 2 Announcement _ Netflix.mp4


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Since the series premiere in November 2022:

  • Merlina became the most successful series in the history of Netflix. It ranks number 2 on the list of most popular series (in English) with 1.237 million hours watched in its first 28 days.
  • More than 182 million households have watched the series since its premiere (1,237M hours divided by 6.8 hours).
  • Merlina broke the 1 billion hour record just three weeks after its release, joining Stranger Things 4 and The Squid Game in being the third title to reach this milestone in its first 28 days.
  • The series broke the record for most hours watched in a week for an English-language TV series on Netflix – not once, but twice – by opening at the top spot with a new record of 341.23 million hours watched, and once more in its second week with an astonishing total of 411.29 million hours viewed.
  • To date, Merlina has had six consecutive weeks with over 100 million hours watched on the English series charts — another record!
  • On TikTok, #WednesdayAddams has amassed more than 22 billion views.
  • The Merlina soundtrack reached first place on the iTunes Soundtrack chart, where it remained in the Top 10 for three weeks. Merlina Addams, the artist, already has over 1 million followers on Spotify.
  • On Spotify, streams of The Cramps’ song “Goo Goo Muck” are up more than 9,500% compared to the month before the series premiered.
  • Merlina’s iconic dance scene has gone massively viral on global social media. Fan-generated content featuring Lady Gaga’s song “Bloody Mary” resulted in an increase in streams of 1,800% on Spotify compared to the month prior to the series premiere. Even Lady Gaga joined the party!
  • With over 80 million views and counting, fans continue to be mesmerized by the cast’s reaction to the iconic dance video.
  • Merlina’s makeup look has also gone viral with over 100 million searches and views from fans on TikTok.

Source: Ambito

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