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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Great production about the Middle Ages

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Connoisseurs of classic Czech cinema remember the medieval hero Jan Ziska from Otakar Vavra’s film of the same name –actually a trilogy- in the 1950s, but the story of this warlord who, around 1400, fought against the forces superiors of the Teutonic Knights and the Catholic Church divided between Rome and Avignon, is strengthened in this brilliant modern version that makes the most of the intensity of a film that could be defined as a “Game of Thrones” about historical events. The first thing that stands out is how the director and screenwriter Petr Jákl captures a fierce period reconstruction, perhaps only comparable to what Paul Verhoeven achieved in the 80s with “Flesh + Blood”, just before being hired by Hollywood for his “Robocop”. In “Medieval”, Jákl does not have a big budget either, but he has a flair for the visual and maximizes a few elements in epic climates, supported by digital effects, an excellent cast and in real locations with forests and authentic medieval castles.

Source: Ambito

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