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The situation of Francis Coppola’s “Megalopolis” is in danger

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The same media published that in the last week, Coppola lost his production designer and supervising art director, which adds to the loss of the entire visual effects team in the first part of December.

It is not the first time that Coppola has faced problems on set. “Apocalypse Now” (1979) suffered cast changes and disappearances of actors with missing takes, while the first part of “The Godfather” had innumerable drawbacks.

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“Megalopolis” has been around two decades since Coppola wrote his script: it is an apocalyptic version of New York, where an architect seeks to rebuild it after being devastated by a devastating disaster to turn it into a utopian city.

However, his vision will conflict with that of the corrupt mayor, who will set himself the goal of destroying the protagonist’s reputation through grievances and dealings with local organized crime.

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In this sense, it is known that Coppola used as inspiration the history of ancient Rome, crossed by elements of political ambition: “if today we do not solve problems such as inequality and environmental destruction, our environment will collapse as Rome did,” he said.

In February he announced that he would personally take over the film, adding that the reaction from Hollywood executives when he presented “Megalopolis” to them was the same as when he proposed “Apocalypse Now.”

“I own ‘Apocalypse Now’ because no one else wanted it, so imagine what the reaction will be now if that was the case when I was 33, or whatever age I was when I won every award and broke every record, and still so absolutely no one wanted to join ”, he added. Coppola, who also works as a producer through the company American Zoetrope, founded in 1969 with George Lucas, said that he “knew that ‘Megalopolis’ would be more difficult to finance.” Adam Driver, Nathalie Emmanuel, Forest Whitaker, Laurence Fishburne, Jon Voight, Talia Shire and Shia LaBeouf join the cast.

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