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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Roland Trettl: TV chef announces separation from his wife

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Roland Trettl and his wife have made their separation public. They want to continue to take care of their son together.

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TV chef Roland Trettl (51) and his wife Daniela have split up. That gave the ex-couple, who have a son together, together . Addressing the followers, Trettl explains: “You are important to us, it should be you who find out that Dani, this wonderful woman, and I have split up.” She adds that while they are separated as a couple, as parents they will always be there for their son together.

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The 51-year-old then goes on to say on Instagram: “We will always be able to treat each other with respect. We will always know that we were with a wonderful person. But unfortunately it is no longer enough for a common love.”

On TV since 2013

The star chef is known to TV viewers as a juror on the Sat.1 show “The Taste”. The 51-year-old competed several times against his colleague Tim Mälzer (51) on the Vox show “Kitchen Impossible”. Since 2018 he has been the host of the Vox dating documentary “First Dates – Ein Tisch für Zwei” and the spin-off “First Dates Hotel” (since 2020).

Source: Stern

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