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Getaways to pure party and gastronomy: 3 destinations hours from the City to celebrate

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In this small town, a monument in honor of the peach tree, whose production is one of its strongest agricultural activities. For this reason, in the early 1990s, a group of young people created a celebration in homage to this crop.

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“The climate and average annual rainfall in Saint Peter They favor the growth of a good number of varieties. In the market, the peach is a scoop from October to the first weeks of February,” he explained. ruben artiguesproducer of the place the good girl and owner of the family business founded by his father in 1963.

The prominent features of the peaches on the area of ​​Paraná de las Palmas are the red, white, or yellow skin, and its unforgettable sweet flavor that is perceived from the first bite. The production It is sold in the domestic market and exported to neighboring countries such as Brazil and Paraguay.

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SAN PEDRO- Peach Festival and Production(1).jpg

San Pedro Municipality

The January 14 and 15the 23rd edition of the Provincial Peach and Production Festival invites you to enjoy this tourist destination and its delicacies in the Farmers Club with tariffed entry.

During the festival will be held the contest in which is will choose the peach of Prayed. The definition of the competition will be in charge of a specialized jury that will evaluate different qualities, among them the aroma and taste. Cuñer explained that the day before the peaches are exposed and classified, without identifying the producer. Also, I know will choose the ambassador of the event.

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Saint Peter.

San Pedro Tourism

The music will be part of the landscape with the presentation of the municipal ballet and the bands local. The Saturday 14 Onda Sabanera it will close the night and, the next day, Los Lirios, Jairo and Toro Quevedo.

fortinera tradition

A large part of the cities and municipalities of the Province They arose from the forts that during the late 19th century were arranged over the Buenos Aires territory.

rancheshead city of the party of General Peacewill comply 242 years and will celebrate with the twentieth edition of the Fortines Festival with epicenter in the central island of the lagoon. “The history of the place is present in the letters of the songs of the local artists and in the choreographies of the dance groups pay homage to their land“, assured Gaston Aguiarmunicipal director of Tourism.

GRAL.PAZ – Festival of forts (Ranches) (4) (1).jpeg

Municipality of General Paz.

The Saturday 14starting at twenty-onethe activities with the performances of the tucumana Belen Herrera; of the singer from Rio de la Plata Yabor, by Paloma Massei and Hernán Nieto, and by Rocío Quiroz. The next day, the Buenos Aires singer will take the stage Ailén Sandoval, María Elena Sosa, Pol Mun and Los Tres Folklore who were revelation in the baradero festival.

in the amphitheater Felisa Meaca of Engineer Angel Martin Park Of the municipality of Daireauxfrom the Friday the 13th to Monday the 16thstarting at twenty-onethe forty-second edition of the Deroense Fortinera Festival. “This festival honors the women who were in the forts,” he said. floreana grandsoncoordinator of the area of Tourism.

The agenda of the celebration includes various shows: the friday, Ballet Amancay, Argentina Ballet, Alma de Guitarra y Tabaleros; and the Saturday, Peñi huen, Stars, Airbag. Meanwhile he Sunday, Ballet Huellas de Tradición, Grupo Folklorico Campesinos de Salazar y Turf; and on Monday, Ballet Las Nazarenas, Municipal Guitar Workshop and great closing with Nahuel Pennisi.

DAIREAUX – Deroense Fortinera Festival (8).jpeg

Daireaux Municipality.

The Last day the Fortinera Woman will be chosen: “In each edition the election is carried out and women of all ages appear who, in general, represent institutions and businesses in the area”, explained Nieto and added that there will be a craft walk and it will work a gastronomic patio by the cooperatives of the city.

San Pedro, General Paz and Daireaux through these traditionalist celebrations and productive they value their identity and invite tourists from other regions to learn about the cultural richness of the Buenos Aires province.

Source: Ambito

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