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Music: Musician DJ Bobo reinvents himself every time

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Pop singer DJ Bobo has been on stage for three decades. But the man with the golden microphone is not tired. The Swiss still has role models from the music scene.

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Even after 30 years on stage, the Swiss musician DJ Bobo is starting big projects from scratch. “Every new project starts from scratch,” said the 55-year-old of the German Press Agency in the Europa-Park Arena in Rust, southern Baden, at the start of his tour on Friday. “You have to reinvent yourself every time. You have no choice.”

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DJ Bobo aka Peter René Baumann is one of the few artists of the Eurodance era who still writes songs and fills large halls with their concerts. He had his first hit in 1992 with “Somebody Dance With Me”. Others followed, such as “There Is a Party”, “Let the Dream Come True”, “Pray”, “Freedom” or “Love Is All Around”.

The Swiss stands for big shows with light spectacles and special effects. Three stages were set up in Rust for this. “I only go on tour every two to three years. We have no economic pressure,” he said.

Golden Microphone still exists

The golden microphone is still there: “I could change it – it’s just the shell.” The star can be seen on posters in the dress of an ancient Roman. “People say to me: ‘Ave Centurio’,” said the singer with a wink.

Even after a long career, the entertainer still has role models from the international music scene. According to his own statements, he attends concerts all over the world, in Las Vegas and Washington. Pop legend Elton John, singers Cher and Jennifer Lopez and artists like rock singer Peter Maffay are “a mix of people, life and career” for him. He added: “A lot of role models from my youth died far too early, from Prince to Michael Jackson and George Michael to Whitney Houston.”

At the end of the 1990s he bought a CD entitled “30 Years Peter Maffay”. At that time he thought the number 30 was unbelievable. “The nice thing is that Peter Maffay is still playing. The confusing thing is that the ’30’ got me now,” he said. “We’re still so fresh that we don’t belong in Division 30.”

New music and new stage design

The new show with the wordplay title “Evolut30n” offers new music, and the stage design has also been redesigned. “The musicians can’t see each other on stage, that’s not ideal,” he admitted. But the drummer can’t “wobble” – because the computer sets the beat.

The artist with millions of records sold also sees himself as a service provider. “For me, the customer is king.” The main target group is between 35 and 44 years old. DJ Bobo made it clear that he is a perfectionist who takes care of every detail, including the seating in the hall. “We noticed 20 years ago that customers want to know where their home is. They want to come ten minutes before the concert and find their place.”

Source: Stern

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