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Lola Weippert: Moderator is attacked in South Africa

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Lola Weippert has been the victim of a robbery in South Africa. The presenter was attacked in her car.

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Lola Weippert (26) has to deal with a shocking experience. The presenter was attacked in Cape Town, South Africa. she tells about the incident with tears. “If you think you’re safe in Cape Town – don’t be too sure,” she says before showing off her eye injuries.

The robbery happened at a traffic light in Cape Town

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“I was hit here on the side, I have glass in my eye here,” said Weippert. “We were suddenly attacked at the traffic light by a guy who had a rock in his hand and smashed my window.” The perpetrator then stole Weippert’s Cartier bracelet, which she was happy about, “because I think that’s why he left and didn’t do anything to us except slap my face.”

She finally appeals to her fans and followers: “Take care of yourselves. Don’t take cell phones or any valuables into the front of the car. Pack everything away.” Further details about the incident are not yet known.

Source: Stern

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