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Posadas Futura: the Smart City of the region

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“Posadas is no longer a transit city, it has become a benchmark for the region and the country. It is the venue for major events and tourism 365 days a year. Currently, it has the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the intense flow of tourists. Posadas is one of the most chosen destinations, even one of the favorites for many”; said the municipal official.

In this sense, mention should be made of the Posadas Futura Marathon: Sustainable + Intelligent”. Its objective was to glimpse the potential of the city in strengthening public interest policies between the State, civil society and the private sector.

smart squares

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Continuing with the axes proclaimed by the “Posadas Futura” concept, a contest for Smart Plazas was held. “In this instance, the call was for the sixth years of the technical schools of Misiones with orientation in master of works. They should have imagined and designed a community meeting space, with a series of their own equipment for the generation of sports and cultural activities, promoting, in turn, environmental care”; Nadia Gomez said

According to Gómez, the “Posadas Futura” proposal is not just a concept that can be defined in only one way. “It is an idea that is developing and that at all times is asking us if we had an idea, to see if it is the right one and if we could improve it. So, in that sense it is to go chatting and surely we will draw the conclusions after the Conversation ”, he pointed out.

posadeñas beaches

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The spas of the “El Brete” bay and the South Coast are the most chosen by the posadeños, tourists from various provinces and even Paraguayans

According to a survey of the Municipal Tourism Directorate, “El Brete” hosted an average of 3,000 people per day during the week. While Costa Sur, without being left behind, significantly exceeded these figures, reaching some 5,000 daily users.

Posadas, in a way, competes as a tourist attraction with the city of Ituzaingó, Corrientes and Encarnación, Paraguay.

Source: Ambito

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