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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Musicians: Schlager icon Drews says goodbye on stage

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A hit king resigns: The 77-year-old was at home on stage and entertained the masses with his songs for decades. Now he’s going from the “bed in the cornfield” to the sofa. Does he get bored there?

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After decades of career, Schlager icon Jürgen Drews officially said goodbye to the stage on Saturday. “I’ve experienced so many beautiful things, and if I could choose it again, I would do almost everything the same way again,” said the 77-year-old of the German Press Agency shortly before the broadcast of his farewell show “For the very last time: the big one Schlager farewell”. Born in Brandenburg, he had already announced his departure in autumn 2021. The fact that this has now been postponed was due to scheduling reasons, according to Drews.

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farewell show

Guests at the farewell show moderated by pop singer Florian Silbereisen included Beatrice Egli, Roland Kaiser and Mickie Krause. The American singer and actor David Hasselhoff also came to be part of the farewell party.

In addition to his guests, Drews, who his fans call the King of Mallorca, was on stage himself. For the last time he sang some of his most successful songs like “Ein Bett im Kornfeld” or “Ich bau dir ein Schloss”. Well-known pop stars like Marianne Rosenberg looked back on their own careers with a mix of different songs.

However, he didn’t really want a show at the end of his career, said Drews. “I had resolved to let it gradually fade away and secretly disappear from the scene. I would never have dreamed that I would be able to experience something like this.” He watched the show again in peace for the broadcast, said Drews. One day before his farewell show was broadcast, the album “Geil war’s … Danke Jürgen!” released.

After the resignation of the hit king, a whole new life begins for him, emphasized Silbereisen during the show. “I’m most looking forward to just being able to live my day without time pressure and no longer having to rush from appointment to appointment. Time and rest used to be foreign words to me,” Drews told dpa. He can now also enjoy family life – spending time with his wife Ramona, daughter Joelina and the family’s pets, who live in Dülmen in North Rhine-Westphalia. “I’ve never been bored at home,” said Drews.

Source: Stern

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