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Tagesschau presenter Judith Rakers mourns cat: “Died in my arms”

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Pet owners know it: the cat or dog is an integral part of the family. The sadness is all the greater when the beloved animal dies. “Tagesschau” spokeswoman Judith Rakers also had to experience this.

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Judith Rakers is one of Germany’s best-known journalists and TV faces and can be seen several times a week as a spokeswoman for the “Tagesschau”. While it’s almost always about tough political and social issues, Rakers has a preference for animals in his private life.

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The presenter keeps showing her “little farm” on Instagram, with chickens, cats or horses, for example. Last year she had to find out that the love for animals does not always have only beautiful sides: her young cat Juri had run into the neighboring property, where a biting dog had recently moved in. Yuri didn’t stand a chance, the dog bit him dead. Rakers at the time: “Juri couldn’t have known that the new dog was killing cats when he saw them. The owners are genuinely affected and upset. And I’m incredibly sad.”

Now Judith Rakers had to put up with another sad blow of fate. After Juri, her cat Luzi died. The 19-year-old animal was already showing its age, as Rakers writes on Instagram: “Her little body was full of ulcers. I found bloodstains more and more often, she couldn’t eat anymore and was getting thinner and thinner.” Nevertheless, Luzi kept trying to purr and asked Rakers to be petted.

On Friday, Luzi finally couldn’t go any further. The animal died in her arms, according to Rakers. The journalist ends her post with words that every animal lover can relate to: “A lot of fluff, a lot of love also means opening your heart and then it sometimes hurts a lot. If you’ve never had a pet, you might not understand that can. But they become a part of us when we love them.”

Source: Stern

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