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Sunday, February 5, 2023

RTL jungle camp: Small jungle scandal: Tessa refuses an interview

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During the jungle test, Tessa and Cosimo had to be showered with plenty of disgusting things. The subsequent interview let the model burst. She just wanted to wash.

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Small scandal in the RTL jungle: candidate Tessa Bergmeier refused an interview after her jungle exam in the episode broadcast on Sunday evening. She didn’t want to say anything that would then be portrayed unfavorably again, she said – and left the camera team, who then followed her through the jungle.

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Before that, the model and fellow camper Cosimo Citiolo had to have all kinds of disgusting things poured over him in a crossword puzzle – and still only earned two out of twelve stars and thus little food for the group. “Today I look like a shitted zombie,” said Cosimo after the jungle test.

Previously, Tessa had told about her bipolar illness at the nightly campfire. At times she thought she was a fairy or a Santa Claus. Today she is “well adjusted” after years of therapy. She turned to all viewers “struggling with mental problems” and tried to encourage them: “You can do it.”

Even if the focus of the Sunday argument was not Tessa, but actress Jana Pallaske and Verena Kerth (topic: Do vegetarians have to share their food in the camp?), The model was voted into the jungle test a third time by the viewers. She has to do this on Monday together with Gigi Birofio.

Source: Stern

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