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Family: Daniel Fehlow no longer wants to stress as a father

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Always planning something new? “GZSZ” star Daniel Fehlow no longer wants to put himself under pressure to offer his children more and more. Sometimes even a visit to the forest can give enough.

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Actor Daniel Fehlow (“Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten”) no longer wants to put himself under unnecessary pressure when it comes to the leisure program for his children. “One often thinks, ‘You have to offer the children something special every day!’ And asks oneself: ‘What am I going to present to them now, what new things am I going to show them?'” Said the 47-year-old from the German Press Agency. Musical visits are then planned , afternoons in the strawberry farm or the swimming pool. “You can also just drive into the forest and roam around a bit, then a lot will happen by itself.”

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It’s important to just spend time together. “If you put yourself under pressure to offer something to the children, it’s rather counterproductive.” His parents wouldn’t have offered him a program every day either. “And I didn’t think it was bad at all.” Children are also often out with friends and sometimes even like to occupy themselves.

Fehlow is married to actress Jessica Ginkel (42, “The Teacher”), they have an eight-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter. From Wednesday, January 18, the Berliner will return to the RTL series “GZSZ” for a few months, where he has played the role of Leon Moreno with interruptions since 1996. During his one and a half year “GZSZ” break, the voice actor, who lent his voice to Hollywood star Channing Tatum, recently had more time for fatherly joy. But his wife earned “most of the credits” in family activities, said Fehlow.

Source: Stern

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