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Baggy jeans: styling tips for wide jeans

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Baggy jeans will remain trendy in 2023! Designers and celebrities love the wide pants. We show how to combine them in everyday life.

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Skinny jeans are passé, the year 2023 still belongs to baggy jeans. Designer labels from Diesel and Vetements to Givenchy and Chanel interpret the relic from the 90s and 00s in a new way.

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As much as the ultra-wide jeans were the focus of the fashion shows, they also get a lot of attention in the celebrity world. Fashion role models like Rihanna (34), Bella Hadid (26) and .

Likewise Emily Ratajkowski (31), Caro Daur (27) and . On the one hand, this may be due to the fact that the oversized pants can be styled in a variety of ways. On the other hand, it also plays a role that baggy jeans are extremely comfortable due to their wide silhouette and offer a wearing comfort that skinny jeans and other models cannot compete with.

There is no such thing as “too far”.

What we can definitely remember: There is no “too big” when we wear baggy jeans. The wider the cut, the more contemporary the style appears. This not only applies to the trousers themselves, but also to the tops that we combine with them. À la Balenciaga, we are wearing wide jackets and XXL sweaters with baggy jeans this year. We can learn a lot from Hailey Bieber: The model already wore the wide jeans in combination with an XXL corduroy blazer and an oversized black leather coat. Underneath, as a basic top, a plain white top or shirt.

Style the baggy jeans casually

Combining baggy jeans casually with simple basics makes the look suitable for everyday use. Monochromatic T-shirts and tops, turtleneck tops both with long sleeves and sleeveless, as well as monochromatic sweatshirts or hoodies are perfect for this. Elegant accents can be set with accessories. For example with classic gold jewelery or an it bag.

Ensure a deliberate break in style

We can also use Valentino’s styling suggestion – which we have already seen – as a guide. The brand combined baggy jeans with elegant shirts for the collection. The robust denim fabric in a wide cut is the perfect contrast to fine materials and provides a great, intentional break in style. A real treasure trove are second-hand shops where you can buy vintage shirts and blouses. Classic loafers are recommended as footwear for this styling variant.

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