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World Italian Food Day: 9 Places to Enjoy a Taste of Italy

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Their antipasti, baked goods, home-made pastas, secondi piatti Y classic desserts They are made with Italian ingredients and local raw materials of the highest quality.

The parmigiana di melanzane (aubergines with mozzarella and tomato, gratin), the cacio e pepe pasta (thick pasta buttered and finished inside a pecorino romano cheese block with ground black pepper) and the pannacotta with chocolate sauce and berries are some of the most outstanding dishes.

  • Address: Fray Justo Santa María de Oro 2047.
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L´adesso Risotto with Artichokes and Sea Fruits.jpg

Leonardo Fumarole


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Aldo’s Restaurant it is an unmissable place to taste a tasty Italian-American cuisine and an exclusive selection of wines from all regions of the country, curated by the Sommelier Aldo Graziani. In an elegant living room or in a spacious dream patio, they share cheeses and cold meats from major producers, Mediterranean tapas, a diverse range of handmade pasta and some dishes from the kitchen with meats selected and fishing of the day

They stand out the rump carpaccio (with hard cheese, capers, olive oil, lemon and pistachios), the fettuccine nero frutti di mare (based on semolina, organic eggs and squid ink with prawns, mussels, scallops and cuttlefish) and the Tiramisu of the house made with mascarpone, very bitter cocoa, savoiardi and coffee.

  • Address: Arevalo 2032, Palermo.


To taste authentic roman pizzas can visit sew my piecean Italian canteen that lovers of finite pizzas, crispy and almost without cornition. They are made by hand with Italian Divella flourare stretched with a stick and cooked for just one minute in a wood-fired oven that reaches about 400ºC.

They have varieties rosse and bianche (with and without sauce, respectively) that surprise for their great freshness and flavor. For example, that of Spinach (with fior di latte, spinach, grana padano and grill sausage), the Bresaola Bernabeu (pomodoro, fior di latte, bresaola and rocket) and the funghi (pomodoro, fior di latte, baked and raw portobellos, parsley and garlic confit).

The menu adds handmade pasta and homemade sauces, salads and meats to Buenos Aires taste.

  • Address: El Salvador 4618, Palermo.


sew my piece


For a complete experience, visit Gourmand Food Hall It is a great option for the day. The Italian Ristorante offers exclusive dry pasta from the Italian brand De Cecco Y handmade stuffed pasta with tasty sauces of your choice.

Among its list of dishes, the spaghetti with fruits of sea, the braised lamb ravioli with mushroom ragout and the gratin vegetable lasagna. There are also creamy risottos and pizzas to the stone with fresh and quality ingredients.

  • Address: Posadas 1245, Retiro.


In the Recova de Posadas it is discovered Il Giardino Romagnolia restaurant with a modern aesthetic that wanders through typical Italian dishes and recipes adapted to the local palate, relying on imported products of exceptional quality. The menu is extensive and emphasizes pasta prepared each day with a semolina and flour mixture.

The spaghetti guitar carbonara with guanciale; casarecce them with cream mushrooms and black truffle White wine; and the cappelletti of osso buco with smoked bacon, filet and cream They are the most chosen by diners.

In turn, in the restaurant they offer classic tapas, pasture-raised meats, fish of the day and pizzas Roman-style, like the Romagnoli that has Italian tomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto crudo, burrata, bell peppers and arugula.

  • Address: Carlos Pellegrini 1576, Recoleta.

Il Giardino Romagnoli – tortelli toscani.jpg

Il Giardino Romagnoli


In the porteño waterfront, January Restaurant dazzles with its care jungle setting and its wide cosmopolitan imprint menuwhere a section called “Italy in January” that pays tribute to the traditional Primi Piatti.

In an impressive room with a view of the river or a huge open-air deck, it is possible to enjoy handmade dishes high quality, like gnocchi of grilled provoleta with italian pomodoro, garlic chips and fresh basil; the ravioli cabutia and Parmesan cheese in sage butter with toasted hazelnuts; and a creamy risotto blue cheese with mushrooms, lemon zest and almonds.

  • Address: Av. Rafael Obligado 7180, Costanera.


The restaurant Old Pattern It specializes in meats of pasture to the embers and in plates of the Mediterranean kitchen that complement the proposal. Their pasta They are of their own elaboration and are accompanied by noble ingredientsas is the case of the tagliatelle with stracciatella, pesto of pistachios, fondata and cherry tomatoes; the fusilli the fierrito with bolognese in the Ligurian style; and the spinach, ricotta and provolone ravioli italian pomodoro. To accompany it, the restaurant offers an exclusive wine list designed by the house sommelier, Juan Tula.

  • Address: Av. Larrazábal 502, Liniers.

To cook at home: pasta the Italian way JORNAL

Wage is a standout bakery of sourdough Y croissanterie which also offers a comforting proposal for home cooking. It is worth coming to try their fresh pasta with a classic recipe, inspired by different regions of Italy and kneaded daily with the highest quality products.

Among his more than 10 varietiesthey are unmissable Cappelletti from Emilia Romagna (muzzarella, cream cheese, parmesan, provolone and oregano) with the classic Amatriciana sauce; the Piedmont lamb agnolotti (braised lamb, mushrooms, mashed potatoes and Parmesan cheese) with sage butter; and the spinach papardelle typical of Tuscany with homemade tuco and beef.

  • Address: Garcia del Rio 2802, Saavedra.

Extra: Pasticcería


Carriage Market – Cannoli.jpg

carriage market

Located inside a historic building, the Carriage Market is inspired by the most prestigious markets in the world. Among its 19 stores is Martinelli: a caffe, pasticceria & gelato dedicated to regional Italian pastry. Its products are prepared every day in an artisanal way based on organic ingredients, field eggs and imported raw materials. We suggest the crispy sfogliatella, the cannoli sicialini with creamy fillings, and the cornetti (an Italian croissant) filled with cream, pistachios, or Nutella, among other specialties. To celebrate Italian Cuisine Day, on January 17 they will offer two special combos: a cannoli with pistachio cream, a cappuccino and an orange juice for $1800; and a sfogliatella, a pistachio cream cannoli, two orange juices and two cappuccinos for $360.

  • Address: At Leandro N. Alem 852, Retiro.

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