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What was the best-selling item by Mercado Libre in 2022?

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With the holidays having passed a few weeks ago, the platform offered incredible discounts and was in high demand when it came to page views.

So much so, that there was a particular item that was the most purchased within an immense range of possibilities during 2022.

Which was

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As specified from Free marketthe best-selling item was the Telepass Mercado Pago -application that allows the payment of services and the transfer of money-, a function that “allows to pay the tolls of highways and routes in Argentina without the need for cash or stopping the vehicle”.


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It “works with a device attached to the windshield so that toll booth readers automatically read license plate data and payment information.”

Particular, but real, when everyone imagined that the purchases were going to be aimed at products related to the Qatar World Cup 2022, or the traditional customs of our country as a mate team. But no, the Mercado Pago Telepass was the best seller and won the award in this past 2022.

Source: Ambito

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