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Mar de las Pampas: what is the best area to rent this Summer 2023?

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at the time of organize a vacationit is important to note several things about the destination, such as the value of accommodation per day. Here we suggest some tips if you are thinking of renting in sea ​​of ​​the pampas East summer.

Mar de las Pampas: where to rent this summer

If what you are looking for is to rent near the beach and in the most central partthe Hotels are available from $45,000 a weekincluding the total stay, applicable taxes and fees.

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In case you want to rent one house to direct owner, in the area of hubthe weekly prices revolve around the $60,000 approximately.

Going further into the interior of the town, for outside the center Y further from the beach, prices go down: a direct deal rental with the owner and for six people may be around $25,000 – $30,000 per week.

Source: Ambito

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