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The best empanadas on the coast: where to taste the classic and rarer flavors

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The celebration was born a little over ten years ago when a group of neighbors, together with the development society, created it with solidarity purposes. Funds raised go to public good institutions.

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People who spend the summer in the area will be able to enjoy this Buenos Aires delicacy in their versions baked, fried or on the discbut always crunchy. Among the most traditional, the menu includes those of knife cut meat, ham and cheese; caprese and tuna; and other more innovative: seafood, mondongo and pork.

In each edition, the public is in charge of choose the best empanada. Last year, Anabela Pouso and Leandro, her partner, took the main title for the meat empanada al disco, which, with its smoky flavor, caused exciting sensations on the palate.

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Municipality of Mar Chiquita

Anabela and Leandro are from sea ​​of ​​silvermore than a year ago they started with Food Louby, a food truck with which they participate in different events. They signed up for the party at the suggestion of Cristina, who works with them both in the business, and she is a native of st. Helengame of small sea.

“In addition to the smoky flavor, the products are fresh because we make them at the moment and we don’t use frozen ingredients”, Pouso explained. For this opportunity, they plan to cook six thousand empanadas, double the number last year, and they will add the veggie option and others surprise fillings.

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Food Looby

The festival will have wide schedule of shows: the Thursday, Folkloric group Lazos de tradición and Sentir de mi tierra, Mascara, Mircorok, Tripásica, Carlitos, One Vision, Rocío Toledo and the candombe drummers, La bifurcada, GR Roldan, Ciros and Diamante II. The fridaygroup Taki, Gabo, percussion and African dance, Pekeños Demonios, Bruno Moya, Som2, La Mancha de Rolando, OQKG Band and DJ Axel.

The Saturday, Nuestras Raíces Group, Juli Belen, Walter Fernandez, Robles-Robles, Somos Tango, Miguel Rearte, Nada Personal, Jose Moya, Gastón Angrisani, Anabella and Banda Libre. The Sunday, the Agrupación Despertar Fe and Costa Sur will take the stage; the Municipal School, Leo Candia, La Masarandanga, Rosa and Cristián, El Pulpo Negro, Sombras nada más and La Escandalosa.

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Municipality of Mar Chiquita

Floats, masks and batucada in General Guido

The town becomes a large workshopin all the houses something related to the carnival is taking place”, expressed Michael Crovodirector of Culture of General Guidowhere the days 20, 21, 27 and 28 the streets will be filled with joy and color.

For two weekends they will parade floats, masksthe local comparsas, Ará Berá and Copalex; Y The Batu of the People. In addition, every night, there will be a different show: this Friday Pasión Tropical and Dj Iván will perform and, the next day, La Nueva ilusión, Mario Luis and Dj Santi.

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Municipality of General Guido

Meanwhile he Wednesday January 25 will be the moment of long-awaited costume party in which Dale que Sale and Dj Santi will play. And the Friday the 27th will be chosen at ambassador and cultural ambassadorwith musical closing by La Corte and Dj Santi and, the 28They will play La Nueva Era, Los del Fuego and Dj Iván.

After four nights of parades, the jury will decide which are the winning floats and masks. “It will take into account creativitythe interaction with the public and the artistic production“, indicated jonathan prudentmunicipal director of local youth.

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Municipality of Mar Chiquita

The celebrations of small sea Y General Guido revalue the craft work from the local communitywhich is part of the Buenos Aires intangible heritage.

Source: Ambito

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