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Tangalanga according to a white and very entertaining comedy

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This original Argentine comedy is a biopic of an unrepeatable cult character, the king of the charged, Dr. Tangalanga. The man who used absurd and often insulting phone jokes to the point of alienating the victim. He had a unique talent for engaging the target of his call with unexpected exits and a shrewd sense of the dramatic, so his mocking odyssey wasn’t sustained by profanity alone. What is interesting is that more than an attempt at a biography of Julio de Rissio, the real man behind his alter ego Tangalanga, Mateo Bendesky’s film is a fun excuse to dream of a vintage Buenos Aires that at times emerges from a genuine setting of time and that in other scenes is an attractive mirage of a country that never existed, but that is reflected in details of a lot of classic or kitsch Argentine cinema, or both at the same time.

Source: Ambito

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