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Chinese New Year: good luck rituals to receive the Year of the Rabbit

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The Water Rabbit, the animal that represents 2023 in the Chinese calendar.

Chinese New Year: good luck rituals to receive the Year of the Rabbit

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All the myths include, in addition to his story, a set of small practices to do before starting a new stage. The Chinese calendar is no stranger to this, so here we leave you five rituals for you to do in these days prior to the beginning of the Year of the Water Rabbit.

The cleansing ritual

Before starting this new year, you should do a cleaning deep and meticulous from every corner of your house so that you can receive the Chinese New Year 2023. I sweep all the floors of the rooms in your house, but you’re going to have to do it with a new broom. And while you remove the garbage, dust and dirt from your home, imagine that you are leading the way so that abundance and fortune enter your life for the next 12 months.

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Home cleaning is a useful practice to receive the year.

Home cleaning is a useful practice to receive the year.

The rite of compensation

One of the living legends has always been that of the compensation: everything we give, good or bad, always comes back. So what this ritual proposes is that you put in a red envelope, an amount of money that you consider appropriate. Then, wrapping it with another white envelope, you give it to the first person we think you need it. And if you can’t find anyone you can give it to, we keep it until you find the opportunity to do so. And in this way help him.

The importance of material detachment

To receive the year, Another alternative is that while you clean your house, you review in detail all the things you no longer use and they just take up meaningless space in your home. Get rid of all those objects they are broken and they are not useful to you, since you would not be leaving that the good and new things come to you.



The “Chinese red envelope”, useful for giving money to others before the start of the year, according to the traditional myth.

The rice ritual

For the Chinese, as is well known, rice is the symbol of abundance. Since January 22, and over ten daysplace a daily spoonful of rice (raw) in a cup. And when the tenth day arrives, after having put the corresponding spoonful, I turned on a white candle next to the cup. Finally, prepare that rice and incorporate it into any food.

Cleaning with incense

Another practice that you can do is that, on Sunday the 22nd, at any time of the day, wear a sandalwood incense in every room in the house (except in the bathroom) and let it burn, until the end. Once they have all been turned off, I opened all the windows and let it air out so that it sand go all the bad energies.

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