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Home office fees: 10 tips for the private office

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Working from home has become part of everyday life. Whether five or fewer days a week, anyone who is in the home office needs equipment for this. An ergonomic desk and office chair are essential. In addition, there are useful and entertaining home office gadgets that support working at home.

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The special thing about the home office: It is a workplace and living space in one. Happy are those who have a room available and can live the separation between private and professional life spatially. In most cases, however, the reality is as follows: Kitchen or dining tables are used and are the workplace during the day. The home office therefore poses various challenges. Home office gadgets bring more comfort and fun in the home office. Do you need them? That’s a matter of taste. Those who have already purchased ergonomic furniture and laptop stands are happy to be inspired. Here are ten ideas ranging from useful to fun.

1. Anti-Stress Cube

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Which job is free from stress? Probably hardly any. In the home office, there is no brief exchange with colleagues over coffee or in the hallway. Pressure is harder to relieve alone. On helps to relax. Whether you click, turn, press, roll or push, this anti-stress toy offers variety thanks to six different sides.

2. Foot Massage Gadget

Movement is rare in the home office, there is no need to go to the next meeting and those who call an apartment their own only cover short distances. Getting up regularly is a must, because the body needs exercise to compensate for a lot of sitting. In the meantime, you can also bring some momentum to the home office. The nice side effect: the feet are well supplied with blood. This is not only pleasant, but can also warm your feet in the cold season.

3. Ring Light

Digital meetings are part of everyday life, but not every home office is set up and lit professionally. If you have a lack of space, you can use a practical one to the laptop or PC screen and better illuminate the DIY office. Colleagues will be happy if they can look you in the face.

4. Magnet tree

Magnetic objects have the advantage of being able to bind things to themselves without further attachments. This works particularly well with paperclips. That’s how it is a practical home office gadget for everyone who regularly has to do paperwork. The little tree is definitely decorative.

5. Tissue Dispenser

On Easter Island, few were personally, but almost everyone knows the stone heads and statues. Although this head is not made of stone, it is used in the home office as a . The gadget is definitely more stylish than the classic box.

6. Drinking bottle

Don’t forget to drink. A healthy fluid balance is important for performance and concentration in the home office. Tip: an XXL helps to drink enough water. Because if you always have the bottle at hand and in sight, you are more likely to think about taking another sip.

7. Post-it holder

While digital planning tools and post-its are handy, sometimes you need the tactile version to jot down important information. This is an eye-catcher among the home office gadgets in the form of a donkey. The donkey can hold either a post-it or a pen in its mouth. His body can hold a whole stack of sticky notes.

8. Weekly Planner Desk Pad

Another home office gadget from the organization category is this beautiful one to plan the week. You simply place the pad on the table and can use it to write down the next steps or upcoming tasks during meetings. The paper pad is also good for scribbling during meetings.

9. Mini Impact Ball

The anti-stress cube is for relaxation, but if you need it more, this one could remedy. After all, stress reduction is also important in the home office. Bored youngsters can certainly also have fun with the mini gadget.

10. Cable holder

Nobody likes tangled cables. When the working day starts in the morning, all important cables should be at hand. On brings order to chaos and takes up little space.

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