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Singer: Wincent Weiss turns 30: no life in a semi-detached house

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Wincent Weiss can hardly imagine a life like that of many of his peers. Instead of a semi-detached house, he travels a lot. However, there are difficulties associated with this, which he addresses in his new song.

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Singer Wincent Weiss (“Fireworks”, “Hardly Expecting”), who turns 30 on Saturday, is aware of the importance of his anniversary. “This is the first birthday that my family has been asking me for a while. I have the feeling that you have to be an adult at 30 and can no longer afford to do things like motorcycling or nonsense,” Weiss told the German press -Agency.

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The pop musician, who landed his first solo hit with the single “Musik sein” in 2016, can hardly imagine a life like that of many of his peers. “I’m now more often invited to friends’ weddings and children’s birthday parties. But when I look at their lives with a semi-detached house and a regular job, I often think: I don’t want to swap places.” He loves to travel and experience a lot. “And not to be trapped in this everyday routine.”

Weiss, who was born in Schleswig-Holstein, released his single “Bleiben Wir” this Friday, a hymn to friendship. This is a difficult subject in his job.

“Friendships fall by the wayside because the head is simply somewhere else.” As a celebrity, he tends to have superficial acquaintances that he regularly meets at events. “I always get along great with these people, but that doesn’t mean I would invite them to my wedding.”

Source: Stern

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