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Sunday, February 5, 2023

RTL broadcast: “Thank God!” – Jungle camp for Tessa Bergmeier ended

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The model’s sadness about leaving was visibly limited: After she was repeatedly sent to jungle tests, Tessa Bergmeier now has to leave the camp.

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Model Tessa Bergmeier has been chosen as the third candidate from the RTL jungle camp. The 33-year-old received the fewest viewer votes on Sunday evening and therefore has to leave the show. “Oh, thank God!” exclaimed Bergmeier, beaming with joy, when the decision was announced. “I’m not sad, but I’d like to hug you all again.”

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On “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” Bergmeier had noticed in the past few days mainly through disputes with her fellow campers. The model repeatedly clashed with reality actress Cecilia Asoro in particular. The jungle tests, in which she was repeatedly sent by the spectators, also caused dissatisfaction with Bergmeier. The vegan not only refused to eat meat dishes there, but also worried about the well-being of living crawling animals. Accordingly, she often only got a few stars for the camp.

Meanwhile, in the individual test on Sunday, Asoro proved her head for heights. In the “Fall Curse” test, she confidently collected nine out of twelve stars on a car hovering in the air – but cursed and cursed loudly to herself.

Reality actress Djamila Rowe experienced a melancholic day in the camp, which was visibly affected by nightly visits from spiders as well as hunger and stress. “I have a total slack, also emotionally,” said the 55-year-old in tears. Later she was hugged and comforted by influencer Jolina Mennen.

Source: Stern

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