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Red nose in winter: These beauty tricks help

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A red nose often occurs during walks in winter. Then these beauty tricks will help.

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The cold in winter is hard on our skin. A well-known phenomenon: the red nose, which often appears when taking a walk in the fresh air. With a few tricks we avoid the beauty problem.

Keep your head warm

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When the temperature is low, more blood circulates in our body to keep it warm. Since our nose has little fatty tissue, the fine blood vessels under the skin become more visible more quickly. To avoid this, it helps to keep your head warm, for example with a hat or a wide scarf. Be sure to wrap the latter around your neck several times and cover part of your cheeks with it.

The right makeup

The right make-up can also help. Before you start applying the foundation, first cover your nose generously with an eyeshadow primer, for example using a brush. Let this dry well. Then apply the make-up with a dry sponge and finally use powder, rouge and bronzer. This ensures a significantly longer shelf life. An additional tip: carefully blow your nose along the way so the make-up stays in place.

Tips for a dry nose

The skin suffers in winter due to the constant alternation of ice-cold air outside and warm heating air inside. If you also have to constantly blow your nose, you also cause skin irritation in this area. It is best to care for the outer area in the morning and evening before going to bed with a rich and perfume-free cream. The inner nasal mucosa is happy about special nasal sprays or a little olive oil, which can be applied using an ear stick.

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