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Paris Hilton: Via surrogacy – hotel heiress is a mother for the first time

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Paris Hilton has become a mother, she announced on Instagram. The announcement had not been expected beforehand.

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It’s a short post, but it’s full of love. Paris Hilton has something wonderful to announce on Instagram: the 41-year-old had a child with her husband Carter Reuben. “You are already loved more than words can say,” Hilton wrote alongside the image of a small hand grasping her perfectly styled nails.

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The post comes out of nowhere. Until a few days ago, Hilton regularly posted new photos of herself in skin-tight clothing – there was no sign of a baby bump. The new parents confirmed to “People”: their little son was carried by a surrogate mother.

Long-term desire to have a baby

“It’s always been my dream to be a mother,” she tells the magazine. That Reuben and you found each other is her greatest happiness. “We are very excited to begin our family life together and our hearts are exploding in love with our young son.”

Hilton and Reuben had been open about becoming parents for the past few months. They had tried in vitro fertilization, they also told People in December. Ultimately, the corona pandemic was the deciding factor. “It was perfect timing. I’m usually on the plane 250 days a year, so we were finally able to finish all these eggs lying around and put them on the heap,” Hilton joked at the time. However, she did not reveal that the first pregnancy of a surrogate mother must have been in full swing by then.

Lots of love on Instagram

On Instagram, however, the reaction to the beautiful message is gigantic. “I’m so happy for you guys!!!” Paris’ longtime girlfriend, reality star Kim Kardashian, cheered in response to the post. “I’m sooooo happy for you. I’m sending you lots of love,” congratulates model and presenter Heidi Klum.

“A BABY!!! Congratulations, I’m so happy for you guys,” said model Chrissy Teigen. “Congratulations, sister,” congratulates singer Demi Lovato. Singer Liane Valenzuela, model Miranda Kerr and blogger Tess Holliday are also among the celebrity well-wishers.


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