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Holidays 2023: La Costa beaches that are pet friendly

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Summer 2023: pet-friendly beaches on La Costa

The pet friendly beaches became a whole trend not only in Argentinabut also in other countries. They are exclusive areas to enjoy the Summer Vacation in the company of family and especially your pets.

sea ​​of ​​silver

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Yes Dog Beach is he First spa created exclusively for dogs in Argentinais a zone 100% pet friendly. In turn, it is First beach for dogs in all of Latin America. It is located about 50 meters from the Lighthousetowards the southern part of Silver sea. The area is located just above the interbalnearia route 11specifically in the kilometer 5.5inside the complex known as “The balcony”.

The hours to access the beach are from 8 to 20. And at the entrance you can see a sign that says: “Entrance without pets is prohibited”but certain mandatory rules must also be met:

  • Deworming booklet, veterinary certificate and flea pipette must be shown.
  • Then, a team carries out a preliminary evaluation of the dog’s behavior, in order to find out if the animal is calm or aggressive.
  • Aggressive, euphoric or barking dogs will not be allowed at Yes dog beach. The reason is that they could encourage the rest to adopt inappropriate behaviors and the environment would become tense for the pets.
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Before visiting this spa, it is advisable to make a Advance reservation for him rental of tents and umbrellassince they are limited.

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pinamar It’s one of the precursors of the pet friendly trend in a large part of the coast of Argentina. Although there is no exclusive beach for pets, the vast majority have access within special hours.

Since 2016by a municipal ordinance, the inns must indicate which are the tents that admit to families with pets. In the same way, these inns will have to offer Water, bags for waste and dishes for dog food.

But the dogs They can only be on the beaches from 19 until 9between the months of december and april. During the rest of the year, there is no schedule.

beach dog

Photo by Aliaksei Semirski


It is located in the route 2in it kilometer 116,300 of chascomús. There you can find drinkers, games for pets and even veterinary advice.

Blue Sea and Sea of ​​the Pampas

Being a much less crowded place than the big cities, on the beaches Pets Allowed. although the beach not officially pet friendlythe large expanses of sand and the few people make it flexible access and stay with pets.

In any case, it must be taken into account that the central beaches of Mar de las Pampas they are not pet friendly. Yes it is the beach of the Lighthouse querandi.

Source: Ambito

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