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Television: Cecilia has to leave the RTL jungle camp

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In the jungle it was time to say goodbye again: this time Cecilia Asoro was chosen by the spectators from the camp. Meanwhile, a candidate caused tears in her eyes during her jungle test.

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Reality actress Cecilia Asoro has to leave the RTL jungle camp. The 26-year-old (“Der Bachelor”, “GNTM”) subsequently received the lowest number of viewer votes on Wednesday evening and thus flew out of the show. She took the news visibly calm. However, several of her fellow human beings in the camp reacted to the farewell with tears.

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Actress Jana Pallaske, model Tessa Bergmeier, pop singer Markus Mörl and radio presenter Verena Kerth had to go before Asoro. On the show “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” There are now seven people in the camp: reality actress Djamila Rowe, influencer Jolina Mennen, singer Lucas Cordalis, designer Claudia Effenberg, reality actor Gigi Birofio, model Papis Loveday and “DSDS” candidate Cosimo Citiolo.

Jolina Mennen moved moderator Sonja Zietlow to tears of emotion. She fought her way through an underground passage system full of cockroaches, green ants and rats and earned five stars. She dedicated four of them to all previous jungle moderators – explicitly including the dead Dirk Bach. Zietlow got teary-eyed and said something like this had never happened on the show. These have been around for almost 20 years.

Meanwhile, very emotional letters from their loved ones from home caused tears among the candidates. A contentious issue in the camp, on the other hand, is and remains a lie that was blown by Claudia Effenberg and Djamila Rowe. The two had at times teased the hunger-plagued roommates that RTL had offered them a portion of spaghetti bolognese and they had turned down this offer – which was not true.

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