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Corona: Who is seriously ill? What symptoms do infected people have?

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Christian Karagiannidis is an intensive care physician in Cologne. Wolfgang Kreischer works as a general practitioner in Berlin. Here they report how they experience the Corona summer wave – and what will be important with a view to autumn.

Recorded by Ilona Kriesl and Helmut Broeg

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Who is in the intensive care unit with Omikron?

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In the intensive care units we currently see three main groups. On the one hand, there are older people, over the age of 60, who can also become seriously ill with omicrons. The second group consists of people who take drugs that suppress the immune system, such as organ transplant recipients. And we also have patients for whom Covid-19 is a secondary diagnosis. This means that although these patients are positive, they need intensive care help because of another condition.

Source: Stern

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