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Hendrik Streeck criticizes the Infection Protection Act: “Not logical”

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“Emphasize more personal responsibility” – Virologist Hendrik Streeck understands the lifting of the Corona rules at the Oktoberfest – and criticizes star TV am Sonntag at the same time the new Infection Protection Act.

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At the start of the Oktoberfest in Munich, the Bonn virologist Hendrik Streeck shows understanding that infection protection measures such as wearing a mouth and nose protector are abolished at the Oktoberfest. “We cannot spend the rest of our lives worrying”says the doctor in the evening star TV on Sunday.

Hendrick Streeck believes new corona rules are in place “illogical”

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Instead of relying on legal requirements, a point in the pandemic has now been reached when “where we should insist much more on personal responsibility”, Streeck continued on the show. During his own visit to the Theresienwiese on Saturday, he noticed that many visitors were unsure. “Basically, it calmed many that a virologist also went there”Streeck continued.

The Oktoberfest in Munich started on Saturday after a two-year Corona break and will run until October 3rd.

Basically, the virologist considers the rules of the new Infection Protection Act, which will come into force on October 1st, to be inconsistent. “On the one hand, we have FFP2 mask requirements on the train, while no masks have to be worn on the plane”he cited as an example. “That is not logical and that is not coherent, and as a result the citizen can no longer understand it either”explained Streeck in an interview with star TV presenter Dieter Könnes.

You can see the entire show on RTL+

The rules of the new law include the nationwide mask requirement on buses and trains as well as in medical facilities. The federal government promises that there should no longer be school or company closures or general lockdowns. Depending on the situation, the federal states can issue stricter rules in individual areas. The new measures should initially apply until the beginning of April.

Source: Stern

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