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World Children’s Day: What children need to be happy

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Children are our future. It is all the more important that we give them everything they need to grow into healthy and self-confident adults. Therefore, we often want to end our career planning first, build a dream relationship with our partner and ideally create a perfect home before we start planning a family. Children don’t need thousands of toys, the most beautiful children’s room and the most exciting holidays, but above all things that work independently of their wallet or other material possibilities.

Seven basic needs of children

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Already at the beginning of the 2000s, research dealt intensively with the question of what children need in order to be happy. The American paediatricians Berry Brazelton and Stanley Greenspan found an answer that is still considered the state of the art today. They have worked out seven basic needs that result from the developmental psychological findings of the previous decades. Namely the following:

In the meantime, the basic needs mentioned have been expanded many times over. Some scientists name 16 needs, others limit themselves to five elementary basic needs of children. But they all have one thing in common: it doesn’t cost money to make children happy.


Source: Stern

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