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Ebola, AIDS, Covid-19 – when diseases spread from animals to humans

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Devastating diseases such as Ebola, AIDS or currently Covid-19 have something in common: their pathogens have spread from animals to humans. These zoonoses are among the greatest threats to mankind. The role played by factory farming, climate change and species extinction.

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By Andrew Weber

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The face of the 40-year-old woman on the hospital bed looks small and fragile, pale despite the suntan that a few weeks of trekking holidays in East Africa have given her skin. The Dutch woman returned to the town of Bakel just a few days ago.

She had crossed Uganda and visited the python cave in Queen Elizabeth National Park. With a guide, she had descended to the dark chasms at the foot of a cliff, where thousands of fruit bats of the species Rousettus aegyptiacus buzzed around the invaders’ roost: an exotic experience, up close and personal with Africa’s most remote nature.

Source: Stern

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