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Less garbage, less meat: Eckart von Hirschhausen on the Planetary Health Diet

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A diet that is extremely good for us and at the same time protects animals, plants, soil and the climate – that is the concept of the “Planetary Health Diet”. Anyone who wants to try it will be amazed at how uncomplicated and delicious it is.

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Eckhart von Hirschhausen

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A while ago I had my first viral hit: “I changed my diet. The cookies are now to the right of the computer,” I posted on Instagram. Apparently the saying hit a nerve, because many know how damn difficult it is to really change your diet. And yet we probably won’t be able to get around it: In this story, I introduce you to scientists who are in the process of fundamentally rethinking the world’s diet – with the idea of ​​a “Planetary Health Diet”.

Source: Stern

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