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Endometriosis: Is it possible to diagnose without surgery?

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Extreme menstrual pain, up to and including fainting: Around every tenth woman has endometriosis – often without even knowing it. starreaders have submitted questions about the disease, which will be answered by endometriosis specialist and Charité doctor Sylvia Mechsner. Series part 1 of 4: Is an operation absolutely necessary for the diagnosis? And what can a new saliva test for diagnosis, which is often heard about, do?

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“Is a reliable diagnosis only possible via a laparoscopy?”

The expert answers:

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A reliable diagnosis means that the endometriosis has been histologically proven. This requires a tissue sample that is taken during a laparoscopy and then examined under a microscope. So I could answer the question briefly and concisely with “yes”.

Source: Stern

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