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Facial peeling for beautiful skin: application and effect

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The primary purpose of exfoliation is to remove dead skin cells. Even if the application is very simple, various factors such as the right time and the individual skin type play an important role.

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In principle, a facial peeling is suitable for everyone, but the frequency of use should depend on the skin type: removing the top layer weakens the skin’s natural protective film, making it easy for bacteria to play. It is all the more important that you do not use face or body scrubs too often. And the right time is also crucial so that your skin can recover from the stresses and strains in peace. When and how to properly use a peel is explained in this article.

Frequency and timing: This applies to your skin type

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Unlike ordinary care products that you normally use to cleanse your skin on a daily basis, a be used sparingly. Depending on your skin type, the following recommendations apply:

skin type


Normal skin:

gladly 1-2 x per week

Blemished skin:

max. 2 x per week

Dry skin:

only 1x per week

Sensitive skin:

better 1-2 x per month

Part of the horny layer is removed by mechanically rubbing the skin. This in turn makes your face more sensitive to light for a short period of time. For this reason, regardless of skin type, it is advisable to use a Always use in the evening instead of in the morning. Then your skin can regenerate overnight.

Improved complexion: This is how a facial peeling works

The natural sebum production of the skin, but also cosmetic products such as face creams and make-up, clog our pores, so that impurities such as pimples and blackheads are encouraged. If you have particularly oily skin or are already prone to breakouts, peelings are a good way to to remove. The bottom line is that facial scrubs:

  • cleanse the skin deep into the pores
  • Prevent skin blemishes
  • promote blood circulation
  • improve the complexion

How to properly use a face scrub

Since the skin on the face is particularly sensitive, you should only use peelings that are suitable for it. Body scrubs usually contain significantly coarser and larger particles to remove blemishes on the back. Depending on whether you tend to have dry, oily or sensitive skin, you should consider when buying one Pay attention to the skin type for which the product is recommended – because here too there are fine and coarse peelings (e.g ). When applying, proceed as follows:

  1. Wash your face thoroughly, preferably with your usual cleansing cream or lotion.

  2. Apply the facial scrub to the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin in small amounts.

  3. Distribute the fine particles with circular movements from the forehead to the temple.

  4. Use your fingertips to gently rub the particles from the bridge of your nose to the tip of your nose.

  5. You can intensify the circular movements at the edges of the nose.

  6. On the cheeks, the facial scrub should be gently rubbed over the skin.

  7. Gently sweep the particles from the cheeks towards the jawbone and chin.

  8. Depending on your needs, you can distribute the peeling from the chin over the neck to the décolleté.

  9. Carefully wash off the particles with warm water and then apply lotion to your face.

Make your own scrub

Do your own facial peeling: Here’s how

If you want to make your own facial scrub, you only need two basic ingredients: a creamy base that spreads easily on the skin and natural scrubbing particles that ensure the necessary abrasion of the top layer. The following ingredients are the main components:

  • olive oil

  • honey

  • Quark

  • avocado

  • coconut oil

On the other hand, ingredients such as sugar or sea salt, coffee powder or . The amounts should be in a ratio of 1:1, but can also vary depending on the consistency and personal taste. In any case, it is important that you mix the ingredients together until a homogeneous mass is formed. After that you can use the homemade facial peeling on the skin as described above.

There is more information here.

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