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Dry brush: This is what you should know about the dry brush now

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The massage with a dry brush should, among other things, strengthen the immune system and reduce cellulite. All information about the trend beauty tool.

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Many people want smooth, radiant skin all over their bodies. As a rule, this requires, among other things, a healthy lifestyle and a lot of exercise. But: The massage with a dry brush should also be able to improve the complexion. Can this really work? And does it then have a visible effect? We have everything you need to know about dry brushing.

Dry brush: what is it?

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One is a brush with mostly natural horse or wild boar hair bristles and often a wooden handle. Also is now available for purchase. There are in in larger ones (usually with a loop for the hand) for the body or also , in order to be able to reach your back easily. The brushes are also available for different skin types: for sensitive people with softer bristles, for everyone else with normal ones.

The beauty tool is used for brush massage at home. It is said to act as a cellulite treatment and, with the right technology, to promote blood circulation and lymphatic flow in the tissue. The dry brush can be used both for a dry massage and in the shower. When dry, the treatment is more intensive; water makes the massage a little gentler.

This is how the treatment with the dry brush works

When dry brushing, it is important not to press the tool too hard on the skin. Prefer to work in gentle movements. As the name suggests, nothing else is needed for the dry massage apart from the brush: no oil or other additives. Just the right technique and about five to ten minutes a day:

  1. It is best to start at the point furthest from the heart: in the case of a full body massage, on the feet. In now gently brush in circular movements from bottom to top and from right to left.
  2. Starting with the right leg, move the dry brush from the calf over the hollow of the knee, then over the thigh and buttocks to the groin. An important lymph node point is located here. Then repeat the whole thing on the left side.
  3. It then continues on the right hand: First, brush the back of the hand and go up the outside of the arms to the shoulder. Then continue the whole thing from the hand inwards to the armpit, where another important lymph node point is located. Then repeat on the left side.
  4. Next, brush your tummy in a circular motion. If necessary, you can also treat the chest and back with a dry brush. You should avoid sensitive areas such as the nipples.
  5. After the massage, a shower is recommended to wash off any dead skin cells. Of course you can also care for the skin afterwards, for example with a soothing or an oil.

Massage for the face

The dry brush can also be used for the face. For this you should choose the small variant, which is specially made for this game. You can treat your face with it for a few minutes two to three times a week and massage it from the inside out in gentle, circular movements. As on the body, dead skin cells and residues can be removed.

Benefits of a dry brush massage

As mentioned above, dry brushing is supposed to activate the blood circulation and the lymphatic system. It should also have other advantages:

  • transport toxins away
  • Strengthen the immune system (by activating the lymphatic system, which fights bacteria)
  • prevent stretch marks
  • improve cellulite
  • reduce wrinkles

It is certain that treatment with a harder brush has a peeling effect and can stimulate blood circulation. Dead skin cells are removed and the skin becomes softer afterwards. In addition, the intensive treatment opens clogged pores and pimples on the décolleté or back can thus be prevented. A dry brush massage is also good for the circulation. Whether there is a visible effect against cellulite is questionable. In addition to regular massages, this certainly requires a healthy diet and lots of exercise. In addition, the massage with a dry brush should even be able to dissolve lymphedema (water retention in the fatty tissue) with regular treatment. If you suffer from it, it is best to talk to your family doctor beforehand and get advice.

What do I have to consider when dry brushing?

Because some drybrushes are very hard, they can irritate sensitive skin. It is therefore important that you do the massage without much pressure. You should also observe how your skin reacts after the massage: if it is red and irritated for a long time, you should either use a softer brush or brush it more carefully. In addition, care with a cream without skin-irritating substances, such as perfumes, is recommended. Aloe vera can also have a cooling and calming effect.

You should also avoid dry brushing or consult a dermatologist before using the tool if:

  • if you have sores or rashes on your arms, legs or face
  • after shaving or waxing
  • after a chemical peel on the face
  • for very dry and sensitive skin
  • with acne
  • in other skin diseases such as psoriasis, rosacea or neurodermatitis

There is more information here.

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