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Test: Height-adjustable desk that turns the living room into a living room

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In the home office, the office equipment often leaves a lot to be desired. Back problems are almost inevitable. Height-adjustable desks promise to make everyday work easier. But they quickly turn the living room into an ugly office. We tested a model where this does not happen.

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Office work is hell for our backs. The problem has become even more serious since Corona made working in the home office part of everyday life for millions of people. Because very few people have adequate office equipment at home. Some bend over the kitchen table, others have acquired their children’s desks and still others improvise from day to day.

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Height-adjustable tables, which should move from the company office to the living room at home, promise a remedy. Working while standing should relieve the back. Finally, doctors recommend that you sit for no more than 30 minutes at a time.

We have tested a copy of Flexispot for you, namely this . The manufacturer promises a quiet, fast and stable solution for the home workplace – and a ten-year guarantee. But is the height-adjustable table really worth it? And does it keep what the manufacturer promises? After all, a steep price is demanded for this. We tested the model in the simplest version.

composition and structure

The E7 model comes carefully packaged in two boxes. The first contains the mechanical frame, the second the table top. The frame is made of heavy metal and can be purchased in grey, white or black. There are more variants for the table top. Here you can choose such designs as mahogany, walnut or graphite. The size and shape of the tabletop can also be adjusted.

At first glance, the number of components frightens the inexperienced craftsman or craftswoman. But surprisingly, after around one and a half hours of assembly work, the desk stands – including the connected electronics. The only tools required are a wrench and the supplied Allen key.

The construction requires no technical knowledge, but quite skill. The table legs must be attached to the supporting beam with four screws each. All four must be placed evenly and simultaneously over the designated drill holes. It’s not as easy to do as said. Precise work is required here. Once this is done, construction proceeds quickly.

The supplied screws are individually packed and identified by letters so that there is no confusion.

Stable but unobtrusive

At the end there is a desk that impresses with its stability. A maximum load of 125 kilos is specified. And that is quite believable. The table top is several centimeters high and rests securely on the frame.

The highest height is 126 centimeters, which should be a comfortable height for working while standing, even for very tall people. Even small children can use the table at the lowest height. A child lock can be activated on the control panel so that the little ones cannot raise or lower the table unsupervised.

Two settings can be saved for quick recovery of the preferred height; one for a sitting position and one for standing.

570 euros for the most rudimentary version

What’s missing: A few cable clamps would be appropriate for this prize, but are not included in the scope of delivery. In general, all Flexispot models are based on the principle of possible expansion. You can also buy a drawer, socket strip, mobile container, PC holder and even a table bike. However, that costs a lot more. The manufacturer’s prices for the most rudimentary version of frame and table top start at just under 570 euros. If you look around, you will also find better offers – especially for special offers such as Black Friday, in which the manufacturer also takes part.

However, if you need a simple table without extras that does not overwhelm the interior of the living room or study, a desk of this type is a good choice. Due to the simple design, the model fits into any facility. The specimen that dem star was made available for testing was completely white and goes well with both modern and classic interiors. A small but very useful detail is the USB port on the side of the control unit. As you know, you can never have enough of them.


The rudimentary version of the model is even more suitable for your own four walls than a version equipped with extras. Because this means that the lightness of the design is easily lost – and that is one of the decisive advantages of this bar table. Because it is not easy to find a functional desk that lets the living room be a living room again after work and does not just scream like a work office.

Working while standing actually proves its worth in everyday work. The variety is good for the body and promotes concentration.

Our tip: A simple little stepper is perfect for getting some extra exercise and stimulating blood circulation. These are also available at reasonable prices. An exercise ball also makes sitting a little workout for those lower back muscles that are so often passionately pulled.

Cheaper alternatives

However, there are also cheaper alternatives that can also be integrated into the home interior. The height adjustable desk offers a very similar simple design and costs just under 260 euros. The guarantee on the entire product is only valid for six months. However, the engine should be able to be replaced within three years, the frame within 5 years.

A very similar alternative from is priced between the two models presented. The EQ model also has an anti-collision system, a memory function and a childproof lock. The maximum load is 100 kilograms. The desk is also composed of two parts; the frame and the table top, which are supplied in two separate packages. It also looks almost identical to the E7 model from Flexispot, but costs 100 euros less than the regular price.

There is more information here.

Source: Stern

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