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Diet: Four people tell how they managed to lose weight

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How do you manage to lose weight – and how do you keep going? Four people tell how they managed to get rid of excess pounds sustainably.

Written down by Constanze Löffler

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Anne Wißdorf, 43 years old

Bank clerk, height: 1.68 meters, weight: from 84 to 69 kilos

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Even as a child I was chubby for a while. I gained weight steadily when I started my training, and the weight kept going up. Later I lost a few pounds again, but the weight loss was never sustainable. I was only really slim once, when I weighed 55 kilos – my grandmother had died, my sister was seriously ill, and I was lovesick. When I met my current husband, life calmed down: instead of going out, we stayed at home more, the fridge was always well stocked.

Source: Stern

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