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Fitness trainers reveal their best motivational tips for losing weight

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Watch the video: “Get off the scale” – here fitness trainers reveal their best motivational tips.

Sometimes it’s the belly fat that needs to go. Others want to fit back into their favorite jeans or look more defined and slimmer. There are countless reasons to start exercising – and they are all good. The effects of sport are not only limited to the purely muscular level – they have an impact on the entire body and also on our psyche. The reason: when we are moving, the body releases happiness hormones that put us in a good mood. It also boosts our self-confidence by making us feel capable of overcoming challenges. “Self-efficacy expectations” call this sports scientists.

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Make success measurable – but without scales

But how do you manage to put your sporting resolutions into practice and achieve your own goals? the star spoke to four fitness trainers about it and asked them for their very personal tips. Nima Mashagh, personal trainer and founder of the Athletik Dock in Hamburg, always advises his customers not to focus too much on the scales. For motivation, it makes more sense to take photos of yourself and standardize these shots. That means: always taking photos at the same time of day and paying attention to the distance to the mirror. Alternatively, it can also make sense to measure the circumference of the calf or thigh and to repeat this at regular intervals – for example every two to three weeks. Important: always place the tape measure at the thickest point.

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“Try not to measure too often, but rather whenever you’re in a low mood and want to see: Has something really changed? If not: Do I maybe have to change something in my strategy?” explains Mashagh.
What other tips he and his team have, they reveal in the video.

Source: Stern

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